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Seoul to Melbourne, Australia PART 1

I had an early morning flight from Incheon Airport and because it’s about an hour or so from Seoul via the Airport Express, my best option was to stay at the airport the night before my early morning flight.

On previous trips, my go to hotel was the Sheraton Incheon, however, this time around, I went with the Hyatt Regency Incheon, which is still a shuttle bus ride away, but much closer than the Sheraton.


I checked in the next morning for my flight to Sydney, Australia on Thai Airways via Bangkok. I was booked into business class on the segment to Bangkok and in first class on the segment from Bangkok to Sydney – the latter segment being the longer segment of the two flights.
Because I arrived early at the airport, there was no line in either the economy of business class check-in counters. I cleared security and passport control after checking-in without much delay. Of the two lines, passport control took longer to clear.
Once I cleared, I proceeded to the Asiana business class lounge in the main terminal. The space was not overly crowded, but began to fill up. Inside the lounge, there was one guy dedicated to making fried eggs for some reason.

Fried Egg guys in the Asiana Business Class Lounge

Fried Egg guys in the Asiana Business Class Lounge

The options in the lounge were kind of limited in its hot food selection. I opted for the eggs and hashbrowns, which is definitely a step up from the United Club lounges with its bagel and fruit offering.

Since there are no announcements made for Thai Airways flights in the Asiana lounge, I headed towards my gate ahead of the scheduled boarding time.


The seating arrangement on this aircraft(777-200) was 2-3-2 with the exception of the first row, which has a 2-2-2 configuration. The cabin was less than half full and each passenger in business class had their own row or were at least separated by a seat.

Fried Egg guys in the Asiana Business Class Lounge

Thai Airways Business class


Thai Airways business Amenity Kit

Amenity Kit

The seats are the angled lie-flat seats variety. I found the spring-loaded footrest kind of annoying where I had to keep my feet on the footrest to prevent it from retracting.
Here’s a picture of the amenity kit that was distributed. It contained the standard stuff, ear plus, eye mask, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, and some other lotions.


There was good variety of options from the lunch menu. I opted for the chicken panang curry rice.

Thai Airways Appetizer


Thai Airways Lunch


Thai Airways Dessert


Thai Airways Dessert

Thai Airways Dessert


I was the first passenger to deplane and upon reaching the end of the jet way, I was greeted by a Thai Airways agent who was holding up a sign with my name. She escorted me to a golf cart where I was driven to the Thai Royal First Class Lounge after clearing a dedicated security line.

Thai Airways Agent for first class passengers

Thai Airways Agent

Driven in a golf cart

Driven in a golf cart

At the Royal First Class Lounge, I was greeted by another agent who showed me around the lounge. I opted to take a seat in their “living room” area.

Thai Airways first class lounge

Living Room

Thai Airways offers a complimentary hour-long body massage for all their first class passengers. Since I had just over 6 hours before my connecting flight, I inquired about setting an appointment. The agent in the lounge told me that I could have my massage in an hour. So I went with that time.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker and was feeling a bit tired so I wanted an energy drink as a “pick me up.” I Inquired about the availability, unfortunately, the lounge offered nothing like an energy drink. I asked if the agent in the lounge where I could go and buy an energy drink in the airport. The agent replied with some stores and some directions. I jokingly asked if she could go buy some if I gave her money. I wasn’t too serious because it wasn’t a necessity. She left, only to return offering to buy some if I had the money. At this point, I couldn’t say felt bad saying I didn’t want the Red Bull because presumably, she left and asked her superior if it was okay.

Shortly after this, my massage appointment came due and I was escorted to the Royal Thai Spa, which was located across the hall from the first class lounge.
I was given the option of two 60-minute body massages in the Royal Thai Spa: Touch of Silk and the Royal Thai Massage. The difference is the former is with oil and the latter is without. I opted for the Touch of Silk.

Thai Airways first class spa

Thai first class spa options

Thai airways first class spa waiting area

spa waiting area

I was directed to the massage room where inside was a massage table, bathtub, and a separate bathroom.

Thai airways first class spa

massage table

Thai airways first class spa

massage changing area

I wanted to take a shower or bath afterwards to get all the massage oil off my skin. The massage attendant agreed that was okay. She then directed me to the bathroom area and showed me the mesh type underwear that I’m suppose to wear. I hung my cloths in the closet provided and changed into the aforementioned underwear.

I went back into the massage area and laid face first into the massage table. She went about the massage as expected. About half way through the massage, she started to fill the tub with water.

After she was done with the massage, she started the jets in the bathtub and I soaked myself in the tub.
About 20 or so minutes in the tub, I headed towards the bathroom area to take shower and change into my street cloths.
When I left the massage area,

I was directed towards another waiting area and was offered tea, some Jello like snacks, and a survey to fill out about my massage experience.

I then headed back to the Thai First Class lounge and went back to the “living room area” where I saw this sign about my Red Bull.

Thai airways first class lounge

My special request


Afterwards, I sat down in the dining area to order some food.
I was given an iPad with their menu options. I chose the pad thai and the beef cutlets.

Thai Airways first class lounge

iPad Menu

Thai airways first class

Pad Thai

Thai airways first class


I finished my meal while reading.  When I finished my meal, I headed towards my private living room area to finish some blog posts.Boarding time approached and a lounge agent came to inform me to get my things ready and escorted myself and 3 other passengers to the gate.


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