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QPX Booking Error on Aeroplan

A little more than a month ago, I was helping a client looking to go from LAX to Barcelona.  The client had a bunch of American Express points and there just happen to be (two) first class United seats available from SFO to FRA. I highly suggested booking this along with the shorter segments on the respective ends of the long-haul flight.

Everything looked good and seemed okay, but when it came time to book online, I noticed that the “BOOK” button in the orange block was greyed out.

QPX, Error, Aeroplan

Booking Button Greyed Out

Luckily, I hadn’t told the client to transfer the miles as the transfer is not reversible.

I called up an Aeroplan agent and explained what was going on.  The agent stated that she could book it over the phone, but would incur the telephone booking fee.


So I told the client what was going on. He was more than okay with the telephone booking fee because he was really anxious to book this flight, which was less than a week from departure.  He ended up transferring his Amex points to Aeroplan and we ended up making the booking.


Aeroplan doesn’t charge a close-in booking fee like most airlines if you’re traveling less than 21 days within departure.  The tickets were issued quickly and without issue. The client was able to secure business class seats on the FRA to BCN segment so he won out there by waiting a bit longer than booking online as is shown in the screenshot.

This is just another odd issue I had when making Aeroplan redemptions.  It usually involves a phone call to an agent and any tickets issued over the phone involves a telephone booking fee.


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