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Mike’s Round the World Trip

Mike's RTW Trip

A bucket list item some of you may have is to circumnavigate the world on a single journey. I did just that on my recent trip. The most typical way is buy or redeem miles for a round the world ticket(RTW). This option requires at least 200k miles. On top of that, the routing rules… Read More »

United.com Automated Search

There’s been a change to the way United Airlines prices award tickets. Instead of writing an e-mail detailing the changes to every client, this post is going to cover the details. In the past, when you searched United.com for an award ticket, you would enter your origin, destination, and desired travel dates. This would return… Read More »


Airports have a published minimum connect times to allow passengers enough time between connecting flights. If you’re redeeming miles or buying a ticket through a booking engine, the computer system will automatically build this connection time for you. If you’re trying to redeem miles on the phone with an agent by providing flight numbers and dates, the computer… Read More »

Milan to Toronto, showing as not available on united.com

United.com has a lot of IT issues. One prevalent issue with united.com is when “saver” seats appear available for booking, but in actuality, the seats cannot be booked or there’s an error when it comes to completing the booking. This is commonly known as “phantom award space.” This is most prominent with Lufthansa availability, mostly with… Read More »