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My delayed bag

One of the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred(CSP) card is the baggage delay insurance. The insurance kicks in when one of your checked bags is delayed more than six hours from the time of your arrival. The benefit provides $100 per cardholder per day up to 5 days to purchase necessities during the baggage… Read More »

New Zealand rental car from Hertz

The annual fee on my Chase Sapphire Preferred(CSP) card is coming due and I’m debating on whether it’s worth paying the annual fee and keeping the card open. I currently travel full-time and because of that I don’t own a car. When I do need a set of wheels, I rent a car from Hertz or… Read More »


I’m planning a trip to Japan in July and redeemed 62.5k AA miles along with $5.60 in taxes/fees for a first class seat on Japan Airlines. One of the highlights of this trip is to visit the Okinawa Prefecture by visiting Naha and Ishigaki. I had several options for redeeming miles for flights to Okinawa. The… Read More »

Crediting My Recent Flown Flights

American Airlines Miles crediting strategy

Last week, I flew to Beijing thanks to a mistake airfare by American Airlines(AA). I paid $442 USD for a round trip business class flight from Washington D.C. to Beijing via Chicago, which is an amazing deal. I’ve been to Beijing before so this trip was really a “hey, let’s see if American Airlines honors… Read More »