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One of the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred(CSP) card is the baggage delay insurance. The insurance kicks in when one of your checked bags is delayed more than six hours from the time of your arrival. The benefit provides $100 per cardholder per day up to 5 days to purchase necessities during the baggage delay. I had to use this benefit on two different occasions.

My delayed bag

My bag that was delayed


To be eligible you must purchase the entire cost of airfare from a common carrier on your CSP card. Taxes/fees on award tickets are eligible. One-way tickets are ineligible unless you’re buying multiple one-ways to complete a round trip. My guess is that if you’re buying a one-way ticket without a definite return date, you’re relocating rather than traveling. On both of my occasions, I booked one-way award tickets, but had other onward one-way tickets booked to complete a round trip.


Daily necessities are eligible for reimbursement up to $100 per day. This includes, cloths, toiletries, cell phone chargers(one per claim), and beauty products(includes make up for the ladies). I’ve bought a pair of shorts, a t-shirts, flip-flops, toiletries, sunscreen, a hat, and an iphone cable. All these items were reimbursed 100%.

One time, my delayed baggage contained kite boarding gear, therefore, I couldn’t kite board. Even though, kite boarding was the sole purpose of one of my trips, I could not use the baggage delay insurance to rent gear until my delayed bag arrived because it is not considered a necessity.


Once you’ve determined that your bag has not made it to your destination, immediately queue up to obtain a baggage irregularity report. Don’t leave the airport without one.

Once you have this in hand, and 6 hours has elapsed, call the Chase Credit card benefits department and state that you want to initiate a claim. You’ll then be transferred to Broadspire, which provides the baggage insurance for Chase.

The agent will ask you a series of questions and provide you with a claim number. After 48-hours, you’ll receive an e-mail from Broadspire with a sworn loss form that must be filled out and returned with other documentation.

Documentation required:

  • Baggage irregularity report
  • Receipts to the items you bought during the baggage delay – the receipt must show the location, date, and item)
  • Flight itineraries – both instances were one-way award tickets, but I sent every flight itinerary to show that I was completing a round trip.
  • Hotel itinerary or place of accommodation – I’ve only included mine for the location where the baggage delayed occurred.

CSP credit card statement showing the purchase of your airfare – Since I had multiple one-way tickets purchased, I only included the statement showing the purchase of the delayed flight.

The e-mail contains instructions to either to upload or mail in the form and receipts. Since my trips tend to be on the longer side, I uploaded all the required docs rather than waiting until I return home. There’s an app called Cam Scanner, which uses your smart phone to capture images into PDF, which is great for the receipts and other paper docs.

If everything is done correctly, you should receive the following e-mail from Broadspire stating that it’s been sent for final approval and a check will be mailed out.

Baggage Delay

E-mail from Broadspire

I had the reimbursement checks in my mail when I returned home on both occasions.


Some folks don’t check luggage to eliminate the off chance of having the airline loose it. But for my trips, I’m packing equipment that can’t be carried on so I’m stuck checking luggage. It sucks getting your bags lost. I hope that no one gets their bags delayed because it really spoils travel plans.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones and purchased your airfare with a credit card offering baggage delay insurance like the CSP card, then it offers a little peace of mind. A $100 allowance isn’t a whole lot of money especially since it’s per card holder so if you’re traveling with a significant other, it really doesn’t boil down to a lot of money, but it’s better than nothing. The reimbursement process is fairly painless. The CSP is my go to travel card and this benefit is one of the reasons why I choose to pay the annual fee and keep the card.


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