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Award Booking Errors on Delta.com

Delta.com is famously known as delta.dumb on flyertalk because of the IT related issues on completing reservation(issuing tickets). Predominantly this happens with award searches and in some cases, booking award flights on delta.com Last week, I was helping a client book a trip to China from the U.S., specifically, the client needed to return from… Read More »

QPX Booking Error on Aeroplan

QPX Error Aeroplan

A little more than a month ago, I was helping a client looking to go from LAX to Barcelona.  The client had a bunch of American Express points and there just happen to be (two) first class United seats available from SFO to FRA. I highly suggested booking this along with the shorter segments on… Read More »

Avoiding Airline Close-in Booking Fees

Fried Egg guys in the Asiana Business Class Lounge

The money hungry, cash starved airlines are always thinking of new ways to collect “fees.” One of these fees is the “close-in” booking fee that’s charged to folks making an award redemption within 21 days of departure. In fairness to the airlines, this fee has been around for ages, but most people don’t book trips… Read More »

Cathay Pacific First class

I’m always a listener when it comes to transfer promotions, but in nearly almost all cases I don’t take advantage of these promotions. Except earlier this year when there was an extremely favorable conversion ratio converting SPG to Alaska miles(AS) netting a 62.5% bonus, I was hooked. That’s because Alaska miles can be used for… Read More »