Introducing The Frequent Flyer Mile Redemption Service

Let us help you book your flights using your frequent flyer miles

Save time and frustration with our service

Why should I use your service when I can book online myself?

  • One World, Star Alliance, Sky Team, alliances, partner many choices! Yes, the flight options are there, but finding them is cumbersome. We understand the system better than anyone and uncover options beyond what you can find online.

  • Have a busy schedule? Save time by letting us find the award seats and deal with the reservation agents.

  • Frequent flyer mile programs have various rules, conditions, and exceptions that can seem like a maze. We're the dedicated people that keep abreast of these rules so — we know how to use frequent flyer miles.

  • Need to fly to Istanbul and have always wanted to see Rome, but not sure how to work it out with miles? No problem! We've helped travelers spend extra time in desired destinations by building in stopovers into their itinerary. You earned your miles and we want you to get the most out of them!

Here’s what happened when these people used our service:

“I had accumulated over ninety thousand miles on American Airlines. I wanted to know what I could do with them. That's where iflywithmiles came in. I gave them rough travel dates and they came back with an itinerary. I was able to take my girlfriend and myself to see London, Madrid, and Hawaii on the same itinerary!”

-Chris from Massachusetts

“I received 100,000 miles on British Airways from a credit card and wanted to go to Vietnam. After spending all morning on the British Airways web site, I got so many reject messages. I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong, but searching their site for availability was so time consuming and frustrating. With iflywithmiles help, not only did they save time, but they offered different possible options.”

-Kevin from Los Angeles

    PROBLEM #1: We hear phrases from the airlines (“Earn more miles!”). So I got the miles, but how am I supposed to actually use them?

    PROBLEM #2: I know I have enough miles to book an international trip with my frequent flyer miles — but I don’t have any idea HOW to use my miles to actually get where I want to go.

    PROBLEM #3: I hate waiting on the phone to talk to a reservation agent. It’s time consuming and frustrating. There’s got to be an easier way to do all this.

    PROBLEM #4: It seems like I can never find the seat availability on the dates I want to travel.

    There's an answer for each of these questions. But just try Googling each problem and see if you can find it.

    Using frequent flyer miles can be confusing and time consuming.  Let us take care of this for you.

    You won’t find information about frequent flyer miles in guide books and even well respected travel writers don’t have all the answers when it comes to budget traveling.

About Us

  • We’re two experts who have redeemed millions of frequent flyer miles in various frequent flyer mile programs.

  • Mike or Melissa will personally handle all requests. You can read more about us here.

Why iflywithmiles is unlike any other Travel Service

  • We are not travel agents whose attention and time is spent booking everything from hotels to rental cars.

  • We’re experienced travelers who have successfully traveled on our own miles to far away countries. Our advice is always with your interests in mind.

  • We specialize in redeeming frequent flyer miles to maximize your travel.

  • We’re not affiliated with any airline or any travel sites trying to sell you “packages deals.”

Services Offered

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Step 2:

We’ll tell you the best redemption possible with your bank of miles

    Fill out the form or contact us at with the following info:

  • Airline Frequent Flyer Mile Program
  • Class of Service
  • Number of Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Number of Passengers
  • Desired dates of travel
  • Origin and Destination cities

Based on your information, we'll tell you what's possible and put your miles to use

    Single itinerary creation on a per-booking basis.

    Itinerary can be made in economy/business/first class

COST: $150 for the first person
$85 for each additional person on the same itinerary


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